The Zongo Development Fund Act, 2017 (Act 964) received Presidential assent on January 2, 2018 to provide funding for the development and transformation of the Social and Economic conditions of Zongo Communities. It was also an unprecedented affirmative action programme aimed at addressing the historical neglect of Zongos and fostering equity, fairness and inclusion in the overall development of the entire country.

As part of efforts towards fostering inclusive and comprehensive development of all segments of the country, government identified Zongo Communities as areas that have been largely marginalised, historically neglected and relatively under-developed.

The establishment of the Fund was also a fulfilment of government’s commitment to the National Medium Term Development Agenda under the Coordinated Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies (2017- 2024). The programme identifies the establishment of the Zongo Development Fund as part of the “Growing Together Programme” designed to bridge spatial gaps in social and economic development.

Government was also significantly influenced by the systemic distortions in the allocation of public resources to the disadvantage of Zongo communities. This situation was also manifested in the socially stratified settlements in Ghana resulting in deep socio-economic decay and deterioration of living standards in Zongo communities along the length and breadth of Ghana.

The creation of the Zongo Development Fund is also a proactive initiative designed to ensure a just and equitable spread of development to reverse the decline of Zongo communities.

The Zongo Development Fund is therefore mandated to identify and implement projects whose objectives are to accelerate development of Zongo communities for inclusionary and sustainable development.

The Government of Ghana, therefore, envisions the Fund to operate as a vehicle for affirmative action to reverse the historical developmental deficit in Zongo Communities.

Vision of the Fund

To be the best run climate-friendly development fund, efficiently empowering zongo communities for sustainable and inclusionary growth and development in Ghana and Beyond.

Mission of the Fund

To provide funding for the transformation of zongo communities through prudent investments in their physical, social and economic infrastructure that empowers the communities for sustainable and inclusionary development in Ghana

Our Mandate

The mandate of the Fund is to provide financial resources to develop and transform the social and economic conditions of Zongo communities.

Objective of the Fund
Sub-section 2 of section 2 of the Act enacts that for the purposes of achieving the objective the Fund shall be applied to relevant activities that the board may determine including:
  1. Investment in basic services and strategic infrastructure in the Zongo communities;
  2. Financing education and training programmes of the youth in Zongo communities;
  3. Support of local business in Zongo communities
  4. Promotion of programmes to support tourism, culture and arts in Zongo communities;
  5. Provision of social protection for the poor and vulnerable children, men and women in Zongo communities; and
  6. Any other activity determined by the Board to achieve the object of the Fund.

The object of the Fund as stated in the Act presents a wide spectrum of activities it can engage in.