The focus of this programme is to improve and transform the social conditions of Zongo communities through the strengthening of social structures, promotion of social cohesion among groups and communities as well as social protection schemes in the communities. This programme aims at alleviating poverty in Zongo communities in line with the mandate of the Fund. Specific projects here include promoting access to social services such as education and health for the poor, public education and sensitization to change attitudes towards health and sanitation. Promotion of sports competition within the communities to promote social cohesion and the provision of social protection services for the vulnerable groups.

The Fund has sponsored and participated in several community engagement programmes, public education and sensitization programme. During the COVID pandemic period, the Fund organised a campaign dubbed “SAVE A LIFE IN ZONGO COMMUNITIES.” The campaign was jointly launched by the Chief Executive of the Fund and the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu. As part of the programme, the Chief Executive and management of the Fund visited Zongo communities in the 16 regions to educate and sensitize inhabitants on the importance of vaccination. The delegation from the Fund interacted and collaborated with Regional Chief Imams, Youth Leaders, Traditional rulers and opinion leaders on the programme. Medical personnel were also deployed to accompany the ZoDF delegation on the nationwide sensitization programme

21 Passenger Bed lift for Mamobi General Hospital

Distribution of Teaching and Learning Materials

Peace and Security Conference in Kumasi